Android Lollipop 5.5 Update

It ended up being months and months before we all were treated to the confirmed identify of Android Lollipop and a release number of 5.0, let alone a taste of fresh 5.5, updated Android OS.

Google claims the OS has new  features that will include subscription to Project Fi, ability to run applications at 120 fps, 4x faster page loading, increased actual page viewing by 50%, and much more.

Android Lollipop Google Devices

Google has delivered the brand new Operating System to its own range of Nexus devices first, as after all, these are the products it’s manufactured and tested on, and they recognize it’s ready to be released, and what’s more, coming directly from Google it’s stock – zero UI overlays, absolutely 100% pure Android.

Android Lollipop initially appeared on the brand new crop of gadgets; the Nexus 6 phablet and Nexus 9 tablet, but has recently now hit previous Nexus model such as the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and Nexus 7.

What’s always been fascinating in previous releases, in Google’s instance, is just how little you will get from Google HQ in terms of titles and version numbers, in comparison to genuine features. What follows next is a fairly intense period of development, testing, and feedback between the developer community and  Google, after which the software is finally debuted on a new device around about Autumn (Fall, as these American firms call it); that is,  a Nexus device (or devices).

Android Lollipop Specifications

Google alluded  to  built-in Android specifications (however generally there was still a lot held under wraps) and built-in Android features. However Google just named the upcoming build of its system “Android L”, it couldn’t give a version number and it didn’t divulge  a dessert alphabetical code, leading towards much speculation on what the new OS would finally be called.

Users can obtain the newest version of Play Store (v5.5.0) through the APK download mirror, in which the the in which the signature makes sure that the file is trusted for download and not altered by other vendors.

Those who cannot wait for the official release from Google can download the APK file right away and flash it just like any other APK-based app.

Author: Todd McDonald

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